132kV Asset Replacement<br/><span class="design1">(Detailed Design and Construction Design Support)</span>

End User Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks Project Title 132kV Switchgear Replacement Year 2019/20 Project Scope Replacement of existing 132kV line and transformer disconnectors and associated 132kV high-level conductors and associated drop wires, jump wires, insulators and connectors at Rownham substation and replacement of existing 132kV CT’s and VT’s at Nursling substation. Our Scope Production […]

G59 Commissioning<br/><span class="design1">(Independent Audits And Inspection)</span>

End User ib vogt GmbH Project Title G59 commissioning audit Year 2015/17 Project Scope Commissioning audit of solar PV farms (from 5MW to 50MW plants) in the South of England, South Wales and Wales. Our Scope Site inspection audit of plant installation and commissioning status Witnessing G59 testing and protection compliance checks as an independent […]

Protection Grading Studies<br/><span class="design1">(Specialist Studies)</span>

End User The Isle of Wight Energy Company Project Title Arreton Valley Nurseries Grading Studies Year 2016 Project Scope Arreton Valley Nurseries substation is situated in premises of Wight Salads Ltd on the Isle of Wight. The network consists of 1 x 33/11kV 35MVA Transformer, 6 board 11kV indoor switchgear, 4 x 5.5MW CHP generators, […]

Battersea Phase 2 & 3 Development<br/><span class="design1">(Owners Engineer)</span>

End User LEEP Utilities (IDNO) Project Title Battersea Power Development Year 2018/19 Project Scope Construction of 4 new 40MVA rated 11kV circuits from the UKPN substation to 2 new BPS primary substations and 20 11kV secondary substations and associated HV and LV feeder circuits. Our Scope To provide technical support as Professional Advisor to LEEP […]