Job Application

We welcome dynamic talents, with relevant skills who are determined to succeed, and who may be interested in joining a progressive company, working in a competitive industry. If you have these skills and believe you can significantly contribute to our business growth, please email your CV attaching a covering letter to

Our Recruitment Manager will be in touch with you to discuss and explore the opportunities within our organization. We do also consider speculative applications.

Flexible Working

Depending on the job role and requirements we do consider flexible working options:

  • Part-time working – where you work fewer than the standard number of full-time hours
  • Job sharing – where two employees share the duties of a full-time position
  • Mobile working/teleworking – this permits employees to work all or part of their week at a location remote from their normal workplace, for example at another office or site office
  • Home working – helpful when you have a long commuting time or when you need to balance domestic and work commitments